Gravitational Wave Open Science Center

LIGO and Virgo Data

The LIGO Laboratory's Data Management Plan describes the scope and timing of LIGO data releases.

Data for Events and Catalogs

Large Data Sets for High Performance Computing

For users of computing clusters, CernVM-FS is the preferred method to access large data sets:

O2 Data Release

O2 Time Range: November 30, 2016 through August 25, 2017
Detectors: H1, L1 and V1


O1 Data Release

O1 Time Range: September 12, 2015 through January 19, 2016
Detectors: H1 and L1


S6 Data Release

S6 Time Range: July 7, 2009 through October 20, 2010
Detectors: H1 and L1


S5 Data Release

S5 Time Range: November 4, 2005 through October 1, 2007
Detectors: H1, H2, and L1


Science Mode Times for LIGO/Virgo/GEO Network

Time Range: 2004 through 2014
Detectors: H1, H2, L1, G1, V1
Only Timeline information is available for this data set.

LSC Publications

Many LSC publications include associated data products. These are stored in the LIGO Document Control Center (DCC).