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Projects with GWOSC data

Some examples of projects using GWOSC data are shown on this page.

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Student Ashley Disbrow presents her work
at the 2014 American Astronomical Society
meeting in Washington, DC.

Student Emma Wadley created the installation art,
titled Void (2016), shown above. Her artist statement
includes this description: "I have used black
paper to represent fear through the colour
associated with death, shadows and the deepest
nights ... The addition of light creates an
eerie iridescence and the soundscape aims to
unnerve and intrigue through otherworldly noise
of Gravitational waves and the Mariana Trench."

Scientific Publications

Below are the most recent publications citing GWOSC, based on a query to INSPIRE.

1) Constraining Mirror Dark Matter Inside Neutron Stars

Raul Ciancarella, Francesco Pannarale, Andrea Addazi, et al.
arxiv:2010.12904 | INSPIRE

2) A semi-supervised Machine Learning search for never-seen Gravitational-Wave sources

Tom Marianer, Dovi Poznanski, J. Xavier Prochaska
arxiv:2010.11949 | INSPIRE

3) GW190521 may be an intermediate mass ratio inspiral

Alexander H. Nitz, Collin D. Capano
arxiv:2010.12558 | INSPIRE

4) GWSkyNet: a real-time classifier for public gravitational-wave candidates

Miriam Cabero, Ashish Mahabal, Jess McIver
arxiv:2010.11829 | INSPIRE

5) Deep learning for gravitational wave forecasting of neutron star mergers

Wei Wei, E.A. Huerta
arxiv:2010.09751 | INSPIRE

6) Rotations of the polarization of a gravitational wave propagating in Universe

Jia-Xi Feng, Fu-Wen Shu, Anzhong Wang
arxiv:2010.09224 | INSPIRE

7) Reproducing GW150914: the first observation of gravitational waves from a binary black hole merger

Duncan A. Brown, Karan Vahi, Michela Taufer, et al.
arxiv:2010.07244 | INSPIRE

8) Towards the routine use of subdominant harmonics in gravitational-wave inference: re-analysis of GW190412 with generation X waveform models

Marta Colleoni, Maite Mateu-Lucena, Héctor Estellés, et al.
arxiv:2010.05830 | INSPIRE

9) Probing Fundamental Physics with Gravitational Waves

Zack Carson
arxiv:2010.04745 | INSPIRE

10) Improved analysis of GW190412 with a precessing numerical relativity surrogate waveform model

Tousif Islam, Scott E. Field, Carl-Johan Haster, et al.
arxiv:2010.04848 | INSPIRE

11) Identifying when Precession can be Measured in Gravitational Waveforms

Rhys Green, Charlie Hoy, Stephen Fairhurst, et al.
arxiv:2010.04131 | INSPIRE

12) Adapting a semi-coherent method to directly detect dark photon dark matter interacting with gravitational-wave interferometers

Andrew L. Miller, Pia Astone, Giacomo Bruno, et al.
arxiv:2010.01925 | INSPIRE

13) Prospects for observing and localizing gravitational-wave transients with Advanced LIGO, Advanced Virgo and KAGRA

B.P. Abbott, R. Abbott, T.D. Abbott, et al.

14) A Standard Siren Cosmological Measurement from the Potential GW190521 Electromagnetic Counterpart ZTF19abanrhr

Hsin-Yu Chen, Carl-Johan Haster, Salvatore Vitale, et al.
arxiv:2009.14057 | INSPIRE

15) Einstein@Home all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves in LIGO O2 public data

B. Steltner, M.A. Papa, H.-B. Eggenstein, et al.
arxiv:2009.12260 | INSPIRE

16) Gravitational-wave astronomy with a physical calibration model

Ethan Payne, Colm Talbot, Paul D. Lasky, et al.
arxiv:2009.10193 | INSPIRE

17) Waveform systematics in the gravitational-wave inference of tidal parameters and equation of state from binary neutron star signals

Rossella Gamba, Matteo Breschi, Sebastiano Bernuzzi, et al.
arxiv:2009.08467 | INSPIRE

18) Inferring the gravitational wave memory for binary coalescence events

Neev Khera, Badri Krishnan, Abhay Ashtekar, et al.
arxiv:2009.06351 | INSPIRE

19) Search for the stochastic gravitational-wave background induced by primordial curvature perturbations in LIGO's second observing run

Shasvath J. Kapadia, Kanhaiya Lal Pandey, Teruaki Suyama, et al.
arxiv:2009.05514 | INSPIRE

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Other Projects

Pioneer Academics student projects (2019)

Projects mentored by Eric Myers
Final papers: Langqing Yi | Erim Esref HAKKI | Jiawei Qiu

Effect of Low Frequency Noise in Detection of Gravitational Waves

Baisakhi Mitra
Report on github

Gravitational Wave Events (iPhone App)

Peter Kramer
Available from Apple

Pioneer Academics student projects (2018)

Projects mentored by Eric Myers
Final papers: Jingyi Zhang | Yue Pan

Pioneer Academics student projects (2017)

Projects mentored by Eric Myers
Final papers: Joalda Morancy | Kriti Verma

Evidence for Small-Strain Burst Sources Proliferating in Enhanced-LIGO Time Series Data

Stanley W. Wong and Baokun Gu
Report on Google Docs

Calculating detection ranges for binary black holes

Bassel Heiba
Code on github

GW150914 Kaggle Projects

Created by Elena Cuoco
GW150914 data in Kaggle

Online Course - LIGO: Detecting Gravitational Waves

Created at Sonoma State University by Lynn Cominsky
SSU LIGO Courses | 2016 Course

Pioneer Academics student projects

Projects mentored by Eric Myers
Final papers: Zhehao Lu | Minqi Fu

Art Installation: Void

Emma Wadley
See photo at right

Modified LIGO data analysis notebook

Valentin Baillard
Azure | mybinder | github

Physics From Planet Earth homework problems

Joe Amato and Enrique (Kiko) Galvez
See Gravitational Radiation 2 and Gravitational Radiation 3

Non-Gaussian noise and data analysis of laser interferometric gravitational wave detectors

Takahiro Yamamoto, Ph.D. Thesis
See JGW-P1605355

Gravitational Wave Detection in the Introductory Lab

Lior M. Burko
Georgia Gwinnett College,
See arxiv:1602.04666

Pioneer Academics student projects

Projects mentored by Eric Myers
Final papers: Jinghong Liang | William Li

Searching for Compact Binaries in LIGO Data

Shannon Wang
Date Completed: September 2014
Report: Paper

Recovering S5 Burst Injections

Alexander Cole
Date Completed: May 2014
Presentation: Paper | Slides

S5 Data Time Dependence of Duty Cycles and Spacetime Detection Volumes

Gary LaMotte
Date Completed: April 2014
Presentation: Slides

Recovering Hardware Injections in LIGO S5 Data

Ashley Disbrow
Date Completed: September 2013
Presentations: Poster | Slides

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