Software for working with GWOSC data

A number of software packages are useful for working with GWOSC data.


GWpy is a python package for gravitational-wave astrophysics.


PyCBC is a software package used to explore astrophysical sources of gravitational waves. It is a python package built on LALSuite, and provides functionality to analyze gravitational-wave data, detect the signatures of compact binary mergers, and estimate the parameters of a potential source.


The LSC Algorithm Library Suite (LALSuite) is comprised of various gravitational wave data analysis routines written in C.


gstlal provides a suite of GStreamer elements that expose gravitational-wave data analysis tools from the LALSuite library for use in GStreamer signal-processing pipelines.

The Frame Library

The Frame Library is a software dedicated to the frame manipulation including file input/output. It is a C code and a matlab interface is also provided as part of the distribution.


LDAS Tools provides a collection of libraries and utility programs that can be leveraged to simply tasks related to reading and writing of frames, maintain a hash of files on a file system, and to create custom frame sets.


HDF5 is a data model, library, and file format for storing and managing data.

GWOSC Example Python Scripts

GWOSC Example MATLAB Script

GWOSC Example C Script