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Timeline technology provides instant access to time-based metadata on scales from seconds to centuries. Timeline is developed by the Gravitational Wave Open Science Center, which is supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation.

Welcome to Timeline. This page provides information on when LIGO was collecting science mode data, as well as data quality classifications and injection times.

Timeline Queries

  • Use the Run Timeline Query Form to request any of the Run Timeline or Segment Lists.
  • Use the Event Portal to access individual Events and request any of the Event Timeline or Segment Lists.

Timeline Quick Links

Some common example plots are linked below:

Science Mode Timelines

Timelines from the O2 run, 2016-2017

Timelines from the O1 run, 2015-2016

Timelines from the S6 run, 2009-2010

Timelines from the S5 run, 2005-2007